Systemic Disorder,What the Health-Seeds

i recently read an article in the weekly blog “systemic disorder” – “essays on economic crisis, decoding dominant ideologies and creating a better world.” the latest piece was entitled “life under capitalism:  early deaths a silver lining for corporations.” in response i contributed the following comment:

this article (along with all other “systemic disorder” articles) reflects excellent research, analysis and delivery. it was illuminating, though painful, to see in stark relief yet another horror of capitalism’s life-crushing and life shortening profit motive.

directly related to this, i suggest people view the film “what the health” (by the same filmmakers as those who created “COWspiracy  the sustainability secret”– both on Netflix, thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio). most of us are aware that the pharma-pseudo-kill and medi-kill corporations are controlled by the same profit motives as other corporations. many of us are NOT aware, however, that the so called health organizations (i.e. the american heart association, the american cancer society, the american diabetics association, etc) are also controlled by the same profit-bound entities.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.24.38 AM

aware that a plant based, vegan diet and lifestyle can prevent and reverse most if not all major and minor diseases, they nonetheless  promote animal products. the naked question poses itself – are they acting on behalf of animal agriculture because of huge donations they receive from these self-same animal industries?

it seems that if we want to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives, (as social activists, etc), we need to take our health and longevity into our own hands (consuming from the abundance of the plant universe – organic, whole foods, fruits, veggies, etc). only by doing so will we have the energy, stamina, vitality and mental clarity to work to take the reigns of society into our own hands, both are essential and interrelated by a million plant-food fibers.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.20.03 AM


About blossomfire

I've walked this life path with sweet thoughts and burning wishes, a sound sense of purpose and an urgent need to express. Shy at first, I've overcome oceans of self doubt and self consciousness to seek an audience, ears like blossoms bending to the wondering wind. I am simple now. I am simple as a way to reach out. Worlds, galaxies, pivotal people, mushrooms, spiraling whilrlpools, i'm textured and wired for communication. Simply wired for fundamental transformation. A vision. A quest. A manifestation of divine Life, Light and Love. My name means Grace. A free gift, a talent, a value from the ultimate word maker, the Infinite Mind of the Infinite One. My mind to yours. Tree to limb, leaf to belief, falling and rising and knowing at the same time. Im Nancy (Grace) and grateful to know you.
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