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i saw the movie “my way,” about true events that happened before and during ww2.it focuses on two “brothers,” athletic rivals, one korean, the other japanese who get caught and almost crushed in the destructive forces of war (ww2). through the explosions, prison camps, freezing cold and threats of death their relationship evolves from that of competition and inequality to one of compassion and love.

through the years some of my family members have had difficulty with my stance on the rights of our sister-brother animal kin to freedom from human domination, death and oppression. they were tired of hearing me link health and sustainability to a plant-based diet and lifestyle. one said “you have a holier than thou attitude.”  another:  “i can’t tolerate it anymore!” another, “oh i just ignore you anyway.” by drawing (as above), journaling and reflecting, i was better able to parry the arrows. finally,  a compassionate tone prevailed and just as the “brothers” in the movie “my way,” saw through to feeling compassion and love, so too did the members of my close family.


About blossomfire

I've walked this life path with sweet thoughts and burning wishes, a sound sense of purpose and an urgent need to express. Shy at first, I've overcome oceans of self doubt and self consciousness to seek an audience, ears like blossoms bending to the wondering wind. I am simple now. I am simple as a way to reach out. Worlds, galaxies, pivotal people, mushrooms, spiraling whilrlpools, i'm textured and wired for communication. Simply wired for fundamental transformation. A vision. A quest. A manifestation of divine Life, Light and Love. My name means Grace. A free gift, a talent, a value from the ultimate word maker, the Infinite Mind of the Infinite One. My mind to yours. Tree to limb, leaf to belief, falling and rising and knowing at the same time. Im Nancy (Grace) and grateful to know you.
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