Marshaling Forces – Thoroughly-Good

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last night, i saw the film “marshal” , about thurgood (originally named thorough-good) marshal, the first african american supreme court justice.  from it have become aware of how woefully ignorant i was of how important he was (not just for helping to win the 1954 brown v. board of education).  i wasn’t aware of all his battles for the n.a.a.c.p,, his winning 29 out of 32 cases before the supreme court on behalf of african-americans falsely accused because of their race.

it was well-acted and moved me to tears (not hard to do). i did more research on wikipedia and it showed he was not thorough-(ly) good (as he was originally named), i.e. close ties to j.edgar hoover against some civil rights leaders and against integration of the teaching staff at a certain university, but other than that he helped achieve so much in the civil rights movement.

About blossomfire

I've walked this life path with sweet thoughts and burning wishes, a sound sense of purpose and an urgent need to express. Shy at first, I've overcome oceans of self doubt and self consciousness to seek an audience, ears like blossoms bending to the wondering wind. I am simple now. I am simple as a way to reach out. Worlds, galaxies, pivotal people, mushrooms, spiraling whilrlpools, i'm textured and wired for communication. Simply wired for fundamental transformation. A vision. A quest. A manifestation of divine Life, Light and Love. My name means Grace. A free gift, a talent, a value from the ultimate word maker, the Infinite Mind of the Infinite One. My mind to yours. Tree to limb, leaf to belief, falling and rising and knowing at the same time. Im Nancy (Grace) and grateful to know you.
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